Do you recognize the sport in this video?


I suppose the answer of 95% percent of you is negative. However, there are still 5% of people who clearly recognize this picture. They have come into contact with this sport during holidays and trips to Spain, or to countries in Latin America. Certainly there are some of you who even played the sport and I am convinced that they have only the best memories. Maybe you are now trying to remember the name of that sport. Was It padel? Or padl? Or paddle tennis?

There is only one correct answer. It  is padel, a sport which has a total player base of more than 10 million active players and is beginning to spread around the world at a rapid pace.

These pages are dedicated to the first padel-specialized company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a company called Premium Padel. We are the first company in these two countries that specializes in this sport and our goal is to gradually spread into all corners of the two republics. On this site you will find detailed information about our services as well as all the basic information about the sport itself.

I believe that with your help we will soon be able to play this wonderful sport at home.

On behalf of Premium Padel team,

Jakub Ličák

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